A Wish to a Wow

American Christmas is uniquely qualified to drive your holiday project from concept to installation. Every step of the way, we exceed expectations. We offer turn-key services and exceptional communication, which gives our clients confidence in our ability to help them succeed.

As leaders in the holiday decorating industry since 1968, our vast knowledge of materials and keen understanding of what is necessary for successful execution is the cornerstone of the process—yet our experience is constantly inspired by innovation and reinvention of tradition.

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We customize programs based on your needs and your brand, and we are proud to have cultivated an impressive list of clients who consistently turn to us as their holiday partner.

Holiday programs are more than just a beautiful wreath or tree. Our ability to understand logistics and plan for all contingencies is what makes us not just good, but great. It is our obsession with detail that ensures your holidays will be a success.


  • Building Lobbies
Tenant Offices

  • Banks
Department Stores
Retail Stores
  • Hospitals

  • Theaters
Television Studios
Movie Sets


  • Design and Development
  • Fabrication, Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Distribution
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Removal and Storage
  • Refurbishment
  • Rigging



Determining Your Needs

The American Christmas sales team understands each client has specific, unique design requirements. We determine how to best satisfy those needs after meeting to review our portfolio and capabilities. We have the experience and resources to manage your holiday project throughout all phases. The process of design, manufacturing, assembly, distribution, installation, maintenance, removal, storage and refurbishment is custom for every project.


Conceptual Design and Development

Some clients have one or more concepts in mind before working with us, while others prefer to give us full creative license. In either scenario, our experienced team is capable of creating a signature holiday display. Our team of professional designers will create sketches, renderings, illustrations, technical drawings and/or samples.


Detailed Proposal and Presentation

Once the initial development process is completed, we will present a comprehensive, itemized proposal, along with presentation materials to illustrate everything required to make your holiday program a reality. We position ourselves to be partners with our clients and will collaborate with you to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.


Manufacturing and Assembly

Upon approval, we begin the manufacturing and assembly process. The décor programs are crafted in our Mount Vernon workshop or by one of our many international partners. Our systems for quality control, both domestic and international, are exceptional and our high-grade materials consistently exceed industry standards.



We handle installations, of any size, worldwide. We can arrange and coordinate all of the distribution that your program requires. Ease and efficiency during installation is just as important to us as it is to our clients. Our turnkey process begins with delivering your customized décor to the installation site. Our knowledgeable crew will arrive with all of the tools and equipment necessary to install your décor in the most professional way, while treating the space with great care. The transformation is complete once our supervisor and crew affirm that your decorations have been installed flawlessly. All maintenance issues, if applicable, will be handled in a timely manner. At the end of the season, our crew will remove the decor with our trademark attention to detail.

Store & Refurbish

Storage and Refurbishment

We have the capability to store and refurbish your holiday program at our 110,000 square foot warehouse and company headquarters located in Mount Vernon, New York. Our pledge is for consistency every season. Our multi-year programs are refurbished using the exacting standards we have developed and refined since 1968. We guarantee the same quality and care used to produce the original program so your décor always looks great.

Executive Team

  1. Dan Casterella

    Daniel A. Casterella

    Chief Executive Officer

  2. Kent Fritzel

    Kent E. Fritzel

    Vice President of Creative and Project Management

  3. Bob Soloff

    Robert H. Soloff


  4. Paul S. Genova

    Paul S. Genova

    Chief Financial Officer


Giving Back

The core of our company is steeped in the values of integrity, passion, and discipline. These central attributes are among the reasons for our tremendous success.

We are dedicated to our responsibility to the community and environment. To read more about these commitments, please visit our blog.