Fred Schwam

Frederic L. Schwam

Chief Executive Officer – July 1, 1988-January 31, 2018

Chief Business Development Officer
and CEO Emeritus – February 1, 2018-Present

Fred was the second generation owner of American Christmas from July, 1988 until October, 2017 when he sold the Company and its Mount Vernon, NY headquarters to MK Illumination. Fred took control of the business in 1988 that was started by his father, Marvin Schwam, in 1968. Fred built a professional and successful organization that continues to enjoy a reputation as the premier holiday decoration resource in the country. Fred’s insistence on discipline, creativity, preparedness and persistence filtered through to all divisions of the Company, resulting in a truly extraordinary level of commitment and passion throughout the organization. Fred, along with American Christmas, has been featured extensively in the media for his industry expertise, philanthropic endeavors and for the prestigious client list serviced by the company.