A Restless Pursuit of Excellence

“The restless pursuit of excellence” is a pursuit of many things; knowledge, experience and wisdom among them. The goal of excellence is nothing without the pursuit. The pursuit is a journey toward improving; of not being content with a current standard and constantly striving to narrow the gap between what is possible and what is.

A restless pursuit of excellence is a phrase that describes a common quality of a singular collection of individuals that make up American Christmas, where I work in the capacity of Creative Projects Expeditor. My first job here was as a decorator in 2006 and since then it has been my privilege to work in different roles with a variety of talented and dedicated people, all on the same journey toward achieving something much larger than any one of us could alone. Each of us with our own way contributes to that goal of excellence.

Our collective pursuit is much more than just a job at American Christmas. That restlessness is what drives us to constantly challenge ourselves to exceed expectations and amaze rather than merely provide a product. There are countless hours spent in every step along the way before anybody experiences the end result of this process; the flawless execution of an idea that has been thought out to the finest detail in every measure humanly possible. This does not happen within the confines of an eight hour day or a seven day work week. It happens because people here make sacrifices to achieve excellence and they take pride in what they do.

It typically begins after our sales staff presents our portfolio, and then takes pictures and measurements of a space. What follows is a custom design process involving the production of samples specific to that client’s space, Photoshop renderings of the program showing where each design element will be placed and in many cases AutoCAD drawings are produced to insure accuracy to 1/16 of an inch. Electrical requirements, hook placement and weight loads are just some things taken into consideration before the program is priced out, elements sourced and then presented to the client. This may go through several incarnations until the final design is approved. The necessary elements are ordered or custom made under our strict quality control. The program is produced and assembled by our production staff and carefully inspected by our production managers, creative director and the salesperson for the job before being packaged and stored until time for installation. Our logistics team coordinates with the client for the installation date and on that day the decorations are carefully loaded into trucks and trained crews arrive at the location and install the program under the supervision of one of our full time supervisors making sure every detail in the décor meets our requirements.

Countless people, from native New Yorkers to tourists from around the world enjoy and delight in the end result of our work. What they see is the product of hours of work that few people can grasp. By the time someone is posing for a picture in front of one of our installations it has been painstakingly worked on in some way by every single person at American Christmas.

Every season when we are at the peak of our installations, no matter how exhausted I get from the challenges we face, there is always a moment when I am overwhelmed at what we have accomplished.

I am astounded at the collective talent that I have the good fortune to be surrounded by and be a part of as we continue on this journey, our restless pursuit.