Attracting Talent

The holiday season is a marvelous time when commercial locations seemingly transform overnight: trees come alive with lights, garlands and wreaths transform walls once bare and bleak into festive displays and giant ornaments and trains magically appear on building plazas and in shopping centers. Little thought is given to the individuals responsible for this incredible feat. Children often marvel and give the credit to Santa and his elves. Well, the elves are working at American Christmas. My name is Sydonie Johnson and I am the Human Resources Manager at American Christmas.


Our full-time team consists of fifty talented individuals working year round in our Sales, Creative, Production and Finance departments. Every member of our team works assiduously to bring our clients’ holiday projects to life. We manage the entire process from conception and production to installation and removal. In addition to our full time staff, last season we hired over 125 seasonal employees into Decorator, Production and Logistics staff positions. Our Decorators work primarily at client locations while our Production and Logistics staff work primarily in our workshop. Decorators and our production staff work tirelessly to create and refurbish décor. Many of these individuals have a creative background. Our Logistics team manages the flow of goods and spends a good deal of time loading and unloading trucks. Our employees are passionate about producing a high quality product. They work hard and are adaptable and reliable. All of our employees are comfortable working independently and as part of a team. Simply put, our employees are not just good, they are great.

Our hiring process begins in January when the team projects and creates a hiring plan for the upcoming season. We invite many of our former seasonal employees back in June and start the recruiting process for all unfilled seasonal positions. We believe that great people know other great people so many of our hires are referrals from current and past employees. We also post ads on numerous job boards, career sites and social media. We receive candidates by networking with non-profit organizations and agencies. After applications are received, they are screened and some candidates are invited for in-person interviews. Candidates who make it through the hiring process begin training with the team shortly after. Our training and onboarding process begins in June and ends in September. Our team installs decor from October through December. After a two week hiatus, the process starts again only this time in reverse! While it takes two months to turn all of our venues into festive wonderlands, it takes only two weeks to take it down. By mid-January, all the magical decorations have been returned to their home in Mount Vernon, where they are refurbished and stored until the following October.

We are always looking for good people who have the potential to be great. Do you think you have what it takes to “make the magic”? If so, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at