Christmas News

Our blog has evolved into a look inside the life and culture of our company. I believe American Christmas is a unique and special place. The members of our team have enjoyed taking turns writing about different topics each month. I write the July blog each year which serves as an opportunity to reflect on the twelve months that have just passed.

• We have team members who were married, became parents and who welcomed grandchildren into their families.

• We celebrated milestone employment anniversaries for members of our team and now count 22 people who have been with the company for a minimum of 10 years.

• We opened a satellite office in Las Vegas.

• We added 8 new, full time positions at the start of the year.

• We continued our charitable contributions and donations. Once again, we supported the Soup Kitchen in Mount Vernon by serving dinner on multiple occasions.

• We conducted our annual social events which are always great fun.

• We were featured in multiple newspaper, magazine and television reports.

• We installed Easter displays for several clients and created a giant Dragonfly for Rockefeller Center.

• The Winter Palace at Saks Fifth Avenue was a tremendous success and quickly became world famous.

• We created the Marvin Schwam Outstanding Achievement Award and the first recipient was recognized on December 10th, which was the 10th anniversary of the passing of my father. My Dad was an entrepreneur, an artist, a great family man, a world traveler, a creative visionary and a philanthropist. The first winner of the award was Oleksandr Diurgian. He was recognized for his devotion to the company as demonstrated by his effort, teamwork and commitment to greatness.

• On a personal note, my oldest son just graduated high school and will be off to college in August.

Our work family grew. We learned. We had fun. We worked hard. We improved. We took care of our clients. Our 48th year was quite successful.