Diversity is a representation of different races, genders, ethnicities, religions and ages. Diversity is very important in a creative environment because it introduces new ideas, perspectives, attitudes and customs. American Christmas is a workplace that is very diverse and each day we find ourselves opening the door to different cultures and views from around the world that expand our horizons. My name is Elisa Medina and as a member of the production team I thrive on the diversity represented here. While working with my colleagues we are exposed to each other’s ideas and we learn from one another. When we are put to work with people from different backgrounds our communication skills are tested. This pushes and ultimately strengthens our ability to communicate across cultural boundaries, teaching us to work in unity. My strength in working with a team has improved and continues to flourish in this environment. Communicating with this diverse group of people is a very important aspect of my job and I have found it to be a key to my personal and career success.

I started here as a part time worker but as time progressed I was given the opportunity to become a full time employee. My four years as a full time member of this team have given me the opportunity to fully embrace the diversity of American Christmas. Teamwork at American Christmas increases our chances for success by helping us to be efficient and effective in creating outstanding and unique décor. It makes us look forward to coming to work and it maximizes our strengths while reducing any weaknesses.


At American Christmas you will find many nationalities; People from Russia, Ukraine, Ecuador, Jamaica, Belarus, Dominican Republic, Columbia, Peru, Belize, and the US among many others work side by side within our walls. American Christmas promotes a work environment of unity and harmony. I have become intimately familiar with so many different people and cultures. Each day we grow more, not only as individuals but as a company. We are a company that thrives on sharing our vision, talents, and innovations. There are no limitations to our growth together. We have become a family in which there is a trust leaving any vulnerability behind and focusing on achieving anything that we imagine.