My name is Chris Reeves and I’m a Special Projects Manager at American Christmas. It’s my turn to introduce this month’s movie theme—Elf. Elf is a movie about innocence, goodness and Christmas cheer. In the movie, while Santa is making his rounds, a child crawls into Santa’s sack and hitches a ride to the North Pole. There, he is raised by an elf and that’s where the story begins. Although I wasn’t raised by an elf, like Buddy the Elf, I work in a Christmas Workshop and often feel as if I live at the North Pole surrounded by Christmas all year long. Some people might even consider me an elf because of my very special and unique work situation. I am part of a team at American Christmas that refurbishes, updates, and creates new holiday displays for our clients at many legendary venues across the United States.

Our process begins in January when the ACI team removes all the decorations which takes about 2 – 3 weeks. Then in February, the refurbishment begins. My team works on relighting and replacing decorations on trees, wreaths and garlands to ensure they are in perfect condition for the following season. In addition, we work on many of the large prop displays, making any necessary fixes from a cold winter outdoors.

We also work to create new custom samples for our sales team to present to prospective clients. Once the sample is approved, we collaborate with our different departments to organize everything so our production team can put the job together. As the display is being fabricated, the colors and sizes of balls, berries, and pine cones are checked and rechecked until we are confident that it will exceed our clients expectations. When everything is finalized, we take the display apart, carefully wrap it, pack it, and label it until it’s time to unveil for the holidays.

When the holiday season finally approaches, it gets pretty hectic at American Christmas. That’s when all the elves rise to the occasion in a grand display of Christmas spirit. It’s very special to see all the American Christmas elves hard at work adding their special touch, knowing that we’ve all been part of making the season a magical one.

At this point all the elves rejoice and say, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”