Business As Usual

I am Teisse Vargas and I am the Accounting Manager of American Christmas.

Once a year, in February, the Executive team conducts a Post Season Review to discuss, by department, what went well and what could be changed or improved to make our installation season go even more smoothly.

Our Chief Sales Officer Bob Soloff, Chief Creative Officer Dan Casterella, and Supply Chain Manager Olga Larina photographed at Christmas World in Frankfurt, Germany. Christmas World is the world’s leading trade fair for seasonal and festive decoration. During their visit, they see all of the new and unusual decorations and gain inspiration for new designs. Some of the components of our innovative designs are purchased at this show.

It is never a dull moment at American Christmas! Even during February, our team is creating beautiful trees for the upcoming season. And people wonder what we do in the off-season.

Giant bows make a huge impact on holiday d├ęcor. Vivian Blake, a member of our production team, is dwarfed by this giant bow that will be enjoyed by many when it is on display during the holiday season.

Our production team starts the day off here at American Christmas with a morning stretch. This gets their creative juices flowing before the start of another day of making the magic!