Here We Go Again!

It is February and we have just completed our “busy season.” Most people are getting ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day of love and friendship! They are looking for the best gifts, flowers and chocolate to show their loved ones how much they care. Don’t think that we at American Christmas are not going to celebrate and get ready too – of course we are! At the same time, even though it is February, we are preparing for the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas! Maybe you are wondering why we are starting in February. “It is too early”… “The New Year has just begun”… “It is time to take a break from Christmas” – these are some of the comments that we hear. We don’t take a break from Christmas because here it is Christmas all year round. For us it is never too early, too late, too close or too far to begin our preparations in order to bring you that special and magical look that, year after year, only American Christmas can give you.

As February begins we work to bring you our best. We prepare new ideas, designs, decorations and colors. We also meticulously refurbish each of our existing clients’ décor. Our mission is to create a final product of the highest quality. Our decorations embody devotion, sacrifice and skill from each of us. Each department at American Christmas has a different function and responsibility throughout the year. Our designers and special projects team start each year making new samples to wow our new and existing clients. Our production team begins lighting, decorating, and refurbishing just as soon as everything has returned to our shop. Our sales team never stops seeking new clients and discussing designs with our current clients. Our purchasing team is already hard at work searching for new and exciting holiday décor from around the globe. These people and many more work throughout the year to build holiday displays that fit the space, look and needs of each client.

I am the Manager of the Bow and Decorations department. My team and I have the responsibility of creating bows in all shapes, sizes and colors. We also prepare the customized kits of decor for garlands, wreaths and trees for each client. From our department, materials move to the Production Department where everything is assembled in order to have décor ready for that most wonderful time of the year.

I am very happy to be part of the American Christmas family all year. My job is exciting and it gives me pride, especially when I visit a location and I hear comments and see faces full of admiration. The culmination of our year round effort is bringing the magic of Christmas to people and places around the world. When it is all complete, I am proud to say, “We Make the Magic!”