Holiday Decorating Tips

While we at American Christmas spend all year preparing to make the magic happen, there are some more approachable ways to bring the Christmas spirit into your home without having a team of professionals working around the clock. One of the most important elements for a cohesive holiday design is choosing a theme. With a solid idea of the “look” you want to unify your decorations, the rest should come easily. On behalf of the Creative Team at American Christmas Inc., here are some of our favorite holiday themes for home décor.



Bohemian or “Boho” style is a trendy way to approach your home décor. Be on the look‐out for rustic looking string covered decorations or natural elements and pair them with bold pops of color to create an edgy and fun feel. This style leaves tons of room to DIY your decorations and really personalize your space, so run with it! Try searching in different places to gather eclectic and quirky props. Thrift stores are also a great option to find decorations that can be “upcycled” to fit your theme.



Dazzle your holiday guests with a total Glam home makeover. This look is achieved by decking the halls with all of the mirrored,metallic, and bedazzled decorations you can find. Glitter, when used in moderation, will be your best friend. Add some sparkle to a dull centerpiece with glitter, sequins, or rhinestones, or pick up an already fabulous focal point.


Antique Chic

All of those old, outdated hand‐me‐down decorations that have been collecting dust in your attic? Break them out and give them new life. Mistletoe, holly and stars are all wonderful motifs to build around. Use anything that makes you feel nostalgic. Again, looking in thrift shops and consignment stores will allow you to deck the halls for less. Use blown glass ornaments and jewels to impart a vintage feel. Cover your tree in bright ornaments and big, clunky Christmas lights. This look can be achieved in a much more efficient way than ever before by using LED C7 bulbs, commonly found at many home goods stores, which deliver a retro feel without the high energy consumption.

Happy Decorating!