It is Never Too Early to Talk about Christmas

Our motto here at American Christmas is “It’s never too early to talk about Christmas!” As a Sales Director here at A.C.I., I have enjoyed many conversations like those below. These interactions are part of what make this job so much fun!

This happened in the month of March:

I was parking my car at a garage and I was removing a sample board from my trunk. A well-dressed gentleman walked past me and said to me, “I guess it’s about time to remove the Christmas decorations already,” and smiled sarcastically. I turned to him, smiled and said, “Remove them? I’m here to talk about installing them!” He looked at me puzzled and walked away.

After the installation and take down ends and I spend some time recovering, I start calling existing clients whose contract may have expired and I also reach into my “Santa’s” bag of potential new clients. After picking up the telephone and dialing, I brace myself for comments like, “Which Christmas are you calling for, the last one or the next one? We just finished this one.” To which I respond, “It’s never too early to talk about Christmas!” or “How about we discuss last Christmas while it is still fresh in your mind,” which many times they actually agree with because it makes a lot of sense!!

This following conversation always happens in July and August:

I will call existing and potential new clients on the hottest day of the year and start the conversation with, “Let’s talk about Christmas”, to which I usually get a response like, “But it is 140 degrees outside,” to which I generally respond, “But doesn’t the thought of discussing Christmas make you feel cooler already?” Many times I actually get a favorable response, while other times there are some people that simply will not discuss the holiday season during the summer!

The bottom line is that many people know what it takes for us to properly execute the best holiday designs in the industry, and that is why they hire us. It is no great secret; if we have the time to collaborate with you as a partner we can make your dream into a reality. There are also many other people who need to be educated as to why it is necessary to start early on their project. They do not realize how much time it takes for us to develop the program, provide them with renderings and samples, and then construct the final product to have it ready for installation. Those that choose us “get it” and are always very pleased with the results!

P.S. The real funny ending to the whole story is I’m Jewish and that working for American Christmas has given me the opportunity to play with trees, wreaths and garland on a scale that most people cannot imagine. I have the biggest house in the world to decorate, New York City!