Jingle All the Way

My name is Alrick McLeod and I am a member of the American Christmas production team. This month’s movie theme is Jingle All the Way.

Jingle All the Way is a movie about one person, Howard Langston, who is under pressure in pursuit of the ultimate Christmas gift for his child. And much like the lead character in the movie, the entire team at American Christmas also experiences pressure to perform our magic and create miracles in a short time frame. And of course, we always strive for perfection in all we do.

At American Christmas, it is about the happy experience we have working on Christmas all year. As no movie is complete without the right soundtrack, the same rings true for us at American Christmas. Around here we have what we call “the Jingle”.

After another very successful season, the first quarter of the year gave us a brief chance to unwind and even move at the pace of the rest of the world. However, success doesn’t come without a lot of preparation. As I now write this, we are again gearing up to ensure we’re all prepared for the intensity of another season.

That’s not to say it is all work and no play, as there is still time for one of the many company activities, our Wii bowling tournament. Wii bowling creates a team environment as well as helping to reduce some stress.

Working at American Christmas has been and still is a unique experience for me and my team. We mix talent, expertise and passion, and are all devoted to the total satisfaction of our clients. Knowing the joy and wonder kindled in the hearts of many who view our work, makes me proud.

And so, when you hear the jingle, that’s the indication telling you it will soon be looking a lot like Christmas.