Making Memories

For us, American Christmas is not just a company; it is our magic world, where every day is filled with the pleasures of what we do and moments that we share. My name is Regina Kildibekova, I am a Production Manager at American Christmas and I would like to share some of these moments from the past month with you.


Farewell Party

Kent Fritzel, our Chief Creative Officer, has decided to pursue the next chapter in his life. While he will still be working closely with us as our Executive Creative Director, he will now be working out of Las Vegas, NV. Kent has made major contributions toward the accomplishments of American Christmas by pouring his soul into “making the magic”. It has been and will continue to be tremendously fulfilling working with Kent. We continue on, knowing that this move will be an exciting and positive experience for him.

Refurbishment in process of the Pavéd Christmas trees for Trump International Hotel and Tower (New York City)

A tremendous amount of work goes into making these trees look gorgeous. When you see these displayed you realize that the effort is well worthwhile. Walking through our workshop full of bright lights, a wide variety of Christmas decorations and hardworking people helps you to truly fall in love with our Christmas Wonderland. Despite the hot weather during the summer we still can feel the spirit of the Christmas season.

The live tree of the Production Department Management Team 2015

It is so incredibly valuable to have amazing people with diverse mindsets, experience and skills working by my side! My colleagues and I form a cohesive team. Each of us brings different talents to this process so our skills complement each other. In addition to the successes that this teamwork brings, our balance truly makes this a fun process.

Happy Birthday!

It’s Birthday time! Once a month we all celebrate employee’s birthdays with delicious cakes and, of course, this is accompanied by singing, making a wish and blowing out candles. These moments offer a cherished break off the production floor. These are the times that we have the opportunity to get to know each other as individuals.

American Christmas holds a special place in my heart. I hope you enjoyed this brief tour into a few of the moments of my “magical world.”