March of the Wooden Soldiers

This month’s movie theme is Babes in Toyland/March of the Wooden Soldiers. In the classic movie, I remember a sense of awe in seeing the wooden soldiers march together through Toyland. It reminds me how ACI comes together as a team and approaches a holiday installation project with precision and planning during the most magical time of the year. I can tell you from my experience, collaboration is ingrained in the culture at American Christmas.

And so it begins.

Over 700 installations scheduled for this season alone, scattered throughout the country. How can a company of 180 individuals accomplish such a feat?

My name is Noel Melendez-Valentin and I am the National Retail Sales Director here at American Christmas. Each year, our seasonal decorators, production crew, logistics department, and corporate management team hit the ground running to produce and install some of the most intricately detailed holiday decorations ever created.


“What do you do the rest of the year?” seems to be one of the popular questions we always come across.

It amazes people when the response given is “We do Christmas 365 days a year.” Given the sheer scope of some of these massive projects, there is a lot of preparation from the get go. We start by meeting with the client while they share some thoughts on what their needs and wants are. Then the development process begins based on facts and possibilities, with lots of creative brainstorming and logistics planning.

There are many key components to making these large scale installations happen. Procurement, site analysis, meetings, engineering, fabrication, logistics and installation. We do not rest until we meet expectations thoroughly.

Back of house preparations are also key to a successful program. Our arsenal of decorators go through an extensive training process that fully prepares them for the rigorous installation season. Decorators also have the guidance on hand from our supervisors, the dedicated individuals of our corporate team that are at the forefront of project development.

Given what you know now, ask us again. What do we do the rest of the year? We make the magic!