New Website

We launched our new website on July 11th and I am proud of the result. I suppose the creation of a new website is a major undertaking for any company. There is a fine line between too much and too little information. I hope we have successfully conveyed our vast experience and creative ability in the holiday decorating industry. We are quite proud of our history and look forward to a great future.

When I am asked why American Christmas has been successful, I always provide the same answer – we are successful because of our unique and wonderful culture. Perhaps a company culture is difficult to convey via a website, so I wanted to write about it briefly here.

We are successful because we have nice people working here. They are talented, committed, hard working and passionate. But most importantly, they are nice. We are friends. We are family. We are a team.

So we often talk about our extensive industry experience and our prestigious list of clients. We have the ability to show a portfolio of work that is unrivaled in our industry. But this all happens because of the people. We have 40 full time employees and 120 seasonal employees. Each person is part of our team and each person contributes to the success of American Christmas.

This year marks our 45th anniversary. My father started American Christmas in 1968 and I have been the CEO since 1988. I am extremely proud of this company and the people that make it great. I know my father would be proud too.