A Special Time of Year

The holiday season is a magical time of year that brings out the kid in all of us. In part, that is owed to the countless number of amazing decorations and displays that we all get to experience. My name is Julio Lopez and, as a Special Projects Manager at American Christmas, I am privileged to work alongside many talented colleagues refurbishing wondrous displays for a wide variety of installations. As part of a team of Installation Supervisors, I also have the privilege to see the magical transformation as they come to life in all their splendor.

Here is a sneak peak of the Special Projects department at work.


World Famous Cadets
Every project we take on is done so with great pride and dedication. This is never truer than with the Rockefeller Plaza Cadets which are seen each year by millions of people from around the world. At eleven and a half feet tall it is no short task getting them into pristine condition as we painstakingly hand paint every last detail before finishing them with a UV protective coating to protect and prolong their beauty.


Natural Garlands
A great deal of care goes into the production of Bergdorf Goodman’s interior beginning with drying and stripping the bark off various types of natural branches. The process continues by adding flame retardant paint and glitter before they are cut to size and wired together to create a free flowing organic shape. A final coat of paint is applied before stringing them with lights.


15 Foot Snowflake
Comprised of 18 panels reminiscent of music notes, lit with LED lights and decorated with silver crystals, this beauty stands fifteen feet tall when fully erected. Electrical connections are tested as part of refurbishment to ensure an awe inspiring experience as this piece is suspended overhead from aircraft cables for Federal Realty in Maryland.


Candy Sculptures
This candy land of impressive seven foot tall sculptures is created for Vornado by assembling multiple candy pieces in a unique order onto metal tubular frames. After applying needed touch ups you will be tempted to sink your teeth into these pieces.