Our Partners

My name is Howard Uliano and I am the Supply Chain Director at American Christmas. My responsibility is to ensure that the products and services required to Make the Magic happen meet our standards of quality and timeliness of delivery.

The short amount of time to do a large amount of work requires strong relationships with all of our suppliers. The wonderful visuals ACI creates are, in part, made possible by our relationships with the members of our supply chain.

People ask me, “What do you look for in choosing a supplier”?

To me, a great supplier is committed to quality, value, is straight forward in transacting business and wants to build a lasting relationship. Suppliers who meet or exceed our expectations become valued partners in our supply chain. ACI is proud to have suppliers with which we have worked for over 40 years. They are not just suppliers; they are partners that enable us to do the great work that we do and assist us in providing great customer service and satisfaction.

Our supplies come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Some supply ornaments, greenery or lighting, others packing materials and boxes and others provide services such as trucking or rigging. All are important and contribute to our ability to build world class visuals and get them to our clients on time and in perfect condition.


At ACI, our standard of quality is perfection, and perfection is achievable only when people are passionate. Perfection is achieved with each of the thousands of ornaments we use, sanded to a perfectly smooth finish and painted in the season’s colors. It’s achieved with every piece of greenery more densely made than the thickest of forests; with each of the millions of lights calibrated to the same color and intensity. The perfection is maintained by packing the visual in just the right amount of material and with the fleet of trucks carrying the ACI teams and visuals to the job sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the installation season. It is all done with the collective effort of the passionate individuals at ACI and our suppliers.

At ACI, we are passionate about vendor relations, which are at all times honest, fair and straight forward. We spend time listening to our suppliers, and they reciprocate. We work through challenging problems together in order to achieve and maintain our standard of quality throughout the supply chain. This is an integral part of our success and a valued part of our business.