Our Passion

It is astonishing how diverse people working at American Christmas are.

These are people of various ethnicities, cultures and religions. We have different convictions and dispositions. However, I can tell with absolute certainty that there is one thing that brings us all together and unites us: passion.

My name is Oleksandr Diuriagin. I work as a Production Manager at American Christmas and I am lucky to be part of a team of incredibly passionate people. People who regard this as more than just a job, who always put extra effort into every single thing they do, and who voluntarily choose to put their personal lives on hold for four months to try and make the magic happen.


It is just a Christmas tree. Beautiful. Fun. As a matter of fact, this is a job that takes considerable amount of time, patience and hard work. Between the moment you call a potential client and the moment you are done shaping the last piece of greenery on location, there are myriad steps, and every one of them involves tremendous effort, dedication and passion.

As a production manager, I am responsible for manufacturing and quality control of our decorations. My primary job is to make sure the client receives the best quality and the installation is executed smoothly and successfully.

I would not be able to achieve any of the above if I were not passionate about what I am doing. It is that passion that makes me check every scuff mark on an ornament, every little crack on an item, every dark spot in the lighting before it gets put in a box. It is the passion that forces me to make sure every single detail is thought through and taken care of. This passion compels me to consider every possible scenario and every complication the installation might face and to plan for any tool that might be required to be sent to the site. This passion urges me to double and then triple check all the staging before it goes into the truck.

And that is just my part of the job. A part of something bigger, composed from contributions and efforts of truly passionate people. And our passion is what leads us to our common great success.