Preparing For The Season

At American Christmas, our season starts well before Holiday decorations start popping up around you. We work year-round to make sure every single thing is up to our standards of greatness. Our full time staff does not take a break from making the magic, but once fall begins it is all hands on deck. My name is Kristin Dieckmann and I work as a designer in the creative department. My position gives me a unique opportunity to see all of our work come together throughout the year.


Calendar Creation
The first official business of the season is creating our installation calendar. This is an intense process that takes days to fully figure out. We have several hundred locations that get decorated every year and it’s no small feat to get everything coordinated!


Tree Lighting
All decorators participate in intensive training. Tree lighting is an important part of what we do and often the first item that gets installed. Well before most people are even thinking of the holidays, we have teams starting on lighting trees.


We take safety very seriously at American Christmas and want to make sure every single person who will be on location is comfortable with the work we do. Our decorators each set up multiple ladders during training and familiarize themselves with them. However, ladders are just a small part of it. Our intense training program covers all of the tools, equipment, and materials we encounter throughout our installation season.


Wreaths, Trees and Garlands
Last but not least, our decorators work with some of our trees, wreaths and garlands during training. The team has already had an opportunity to work with these items in our warehouse, but we further explain the details of how they are assembled and how they should look on location. With everyone on the same page, we are ready to get out there and make the city sparkle for the holidays!