Surviving Christmas

My name is Dashona Minor and I am a Production Assistant at American Christmas. For the Blog this month, the movie theme is “Surviving Christmas”. This time of year, now that Christmas has become another memory, I think everyone experiences some degree of “Surviving Christmas”. Here at American Christmas, since it’s festive all year long, the challenges we experience during the Christmas season is hard for others to imagine unless you live the American Christmas life.

There are a few tips we live by to survive the holiday season. One of those tips is motivation. As a team, we all drive one another to be the best we can be and outperform ourselves each and every day. Another way we show our commitment is our passion for our craft. Here at American Christmas we like to keep the energy going with the excitement of seeing most, if not all of our creations and hard work installed and on display. The priceless expressions on the faces of adults and especially children are what keeps us motivated.

Each and every season, more challenging creative projects come our way which amplifies our dedication to our craft. As a result of our dedication, there are some sacrifices we expect and prepare for, such as the hours of work it takes to produce any number of projects all happening at the same time. Sleep is usually an afterthought for everyone at American Christmas. Many of our installations are scheduled overnight which always bring unique challenges to our team. That’s when we get creative to balance the winter weather, deadlines and ever-changing schedules. Excitement, caffeine and adrenaline definitely help to get us through the holiday season.

My time at American Christmas has been a most magical and whirlwind experience which makes every day a new adventure. I truly enjoy the fact that I “Survive Christmas” every season here at American Christmas.