Take Down

I am Francisco Chevalier and I work full time in the Production Department at American Christmas.



At the end of our installation season the warehouse consisted of empty shelves and empty boxes. But these shelves are now full again and packed tight with décor that has returned from various sites around the country.



This photo is of our logistics crew as they were loading empty boxes into our trucks. These boxes once contained garland, trees, sprays, wreaths and other décor. They are sent out to be filled and brought back to our facility so the décor can be sorted, refurbished and prepared for the next season.



After the takedown is over, a Supervisor meeting is held where we review and discuss all of the pertinent details of the installation and takedown season. This meeting is important because it provides us an opportunity to discuss what we need to do to improve from year to year.



At the end of our season, a celebratory dinner is given for the full time staff. Here is a look into this wonderful evening where everyone is given a chance to make a toast. This celebration makes it official that the season has ended.