The American Christmas Tour

My name is Bob Soloff and as the Chief Sales Officer at American Christmas, I am responsible for overseeing the sales department and all its functions relating to the sales process.

Because ACI (American Christmas, Inc.) provides such a visual commodity, we encourage prospective clients, current clients, and friends of the company to come tour our 110,000 square foot Santa’s workshop here in Mount Vernon. Call us and you’ll hear Christmas music as we’re in the spirit all year long, but visit us and the first thing you see upon entering our lobby is a beautifully decorated 12 foot Christmas tree. The lobby is where our story begins, not only with the tree but with countless press interviews and awards.

The tour helps to tell our story and enables clients to experience the unique American Christmas culture for themselves. During the tour we have the opportunity to explain in depth more about ACI and who we are, giving our clients a comfort level knowing that they have chosen the right company to work with. They also get to see new jobs or existing contracted jobs being produced or refurbished by our talented staff and the attention to all the details shines through.


In addition, on view are the numerous iconic displays enjoyed by millions of people that are installed by ACI on the streets of New York City and throughout the country. Rockefeller Center Channel Gardens’ Herald Angels and Skating Rink Cadets, 1221 Avenue of the Americas Light Bulb display, Cartier Ribbon, Bow & Panthers, Solow Candy Canes and the Radio City Music Hall Marquee tree are all a sight to see in person and up close. There are multiple rows of ornaments in every shape, size and color and shelves filled with ribbons in various designs and fabric, adjacent to table stations with sewing machines where plush bows are produced by hand. There is an area designated especially for the creation of new designs and sample boards waiting to be presented to clients for design approval. Another section contains cases and cases of all kinds of lights, with LED’s being the most popular and innovative.

Aisles upon aisles with boxes of décor, stored until the next holiday, are neatly organized on shelving that almost reaches the ceiling. Each and every box is labeled, counted and inventoried, with all the information entered into a computer. Impressive quantities of wreaths, protected in plastic, are vertically suspended on chains from 20 foot high ceilings.

Of course, the ornaments, lights, wreaths, garland, trees and iconic displays are an impressive sight to see and can make you wonder and shake your head in disbelief at the enormity of it all. But ACI is also made up of a wonderful, diverse group of people who together, work very hard to make the magic happen. And not just during the holidays, but every day of the year. To me, that is just as an important part of our tour as any custom prop or holiday decoration in our warehouse. Talented, dedicated people and quality material. A magical combination!

One last note, if you do decide to take the tour….beware of glitter, it’s everywhere!