The Installation Calendar

My name is Svetlana Kochan and I am an Executive Assistant at American Christmas. I would like to tell you about one of the most important things that takes place each year for our company – creating the Installation Calendar. This is a significant stage in our process without which our business would not be successful. We pride ourselves on our superior product quality and unique designs. American Christmas, however, is not just a company that creates holiday projects. We are also a logistics company that drives each project from concept to installation.

Creating our Installation Calendar is a monumental effort requiring two extremely long days in the beginning of October and countless hours of preparation leading up to the actual creation of the calendar. Many people are involved in this process. It begins when our Sales team gathers the installation date and time preferences from our clients. Last year, we installed over five hundred jobs between late October and early December. Can you imagine that we had to schedule all of these jobs and they all went in on time? Exactly! It is beyond belief.

Here comes October, and it is time for me, Fred Schwam, Dan Casterella (Senior Director of National Retail Sales and Client Services), Lance Caffrey (Chief Production Officer) and Mike Benincasa (Senior Project Manager) to meet and create the Installation Calendar. Each of us brings to this meeting an enormous amount of information. We need to note every job detail; how many decorators we need to send to each location; from and until what time they can work there; schedule supervisors; schedule decorators based on their professional skills for different types of installations; determine number of trucks needed to carry holiday materials for each location; schedule ship out dates of the holiday décor for retail stores. This is a time consuming task that usually takes us 10 to 12 hours each of these two days. In spite of the challenges and long hours, we work together as a great team and make this exhausting process cheerful by having Rice Krispie treats and short music breaks.

Our two day effort then becomes a completely planned installation period which turns New York City and many other locations into a wonderful and magical world!