The Logistics Team

Our ability to work as a team is one of the primary reasons why American Christmas continues to be successful year after year. Each person on our team plays an important role in the production process. My name is Carlos Davidson and I am the Assistant Director of Production. I manage the Logistics process at American Christmas.



Morning Meeting

A day in production starts with a team meeting when goals are discussed to ensure all deadlines and expectations are met. Starting each day this way ensures that each member of our team is engaged and aware of the company’s direction.



Logistics Team

The Logistics crew is responsible for moving and storing all items. The team also maintains all tools, hardware and supplies needed for production. During our installation season the logistics team works to pack, stage, load and unload trucks while assisting all other departments. This team works with the Production and Installation crews to ensure that everything runs smoothly.



Getting Ready

The final result of the work produced by the team at American Christmas is always amazing. Everyone works hard to ensure that our clients are not only satisfied, but impressed with the details and quality of our work. This is one of the many projects that you encounter while touring our warehouse. Success in a project of this scale is only possible with a combined effort of every member of our team.