The Nightmare Before Christmas

My name is Vera Deglomini and I am an Executive Assistant at American Christmas working in the Sales Department. I am pleased to introduce this month’s movie theme which is Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

To correlate with this month’s featured film, I want to focus on Jack Skellington’s discovery of Christmas Town and how overjoyed he was to discover what was surrounding him. He was magically embraced by the Christmas spirit so thoroughly he fell in love with all these new things that inspire him. However, when he goes back to his own town and brings back some of the Christmas-y things he’s found, he has difficulty explaining to his fellow Halloween creatures what each thing does and why it’s so wonderful.

Personally, I have always been passionate about the meaning of Christmas and always enjoy spending time in New York City during Christmastime enjoying our beautiful displays which light up the city. Here is one of my favorite American Christmas designs.


Although it is a hectic time for us as we kick off the season, our passion for Christmas pulls us together to ensure we make the magic for our many clients counting on us to make it even more special year after year.

Although we focus on Christmas 365 days a year, nothing beats the energy and passion in the air across all departments at American Christmas as we approach the season.

At American Christmas, there is a special name for the six weeks between late October and early December, “the season.” This is the period when we decorate more than 700 locations in over 20 cities. Believe me, six weeks is very little time for the enormous amount of work we do. We work hard to plan ahead and predict all potential situations that might take place on each installation to make them run smoothly with flawless results.

During the season, we all make every effort to be on top of our game, whether it is out on location or in the office. Our sales team works together with great support from our team of Sales Assistants from start to finish on all projects.


In October both the office and warehouse become very hectic. You can feel it in the air! Every week more and more decorators and seasonal production staff join our team. They are introduced to the American Christmas life and attend rigorous decorator training to ensure everyone is ready for our upcoming installations.

One of the most important things that takes place each year for our company is creating the Installation Calendar. This is a significant stage in our process without which our business would not be successful. We pride ourselves on our superior product quality and unique designs. American Christmas, however, is not just a company that creates holiday projects. We are also a logistics company that drives each project from concept to installation.

Creating our Installation calendar is a monumental effort requiring countless hours of preparation leading up to the actual creation of the calendar. Many people are involved in this process. Last year, we installed over seven hundred jobs between late October and early December. Can you imagine that we had to schedule all of these jobs and they all were installed on time? It is beyond belief.

So there it is, a successful season at American Christmas is the result of detailed and smart planning. We have the advantage of fantastic teamwork. Our players work with a passion, drive and attention to detail that is unparalleled.

In closing, and also hence the iconic moment in the movie when Jack bursts open the doors and shouts, “Eureka! This year, Christmas will be ours!”