The Santa Clause: Inside the Sales Department

My name is Maria Kemp and I have worked at American Christmas for the past 18 years. I started as a production employee and later moved into the office as an administrative assistant. I am now one of the team members that make up the sales department.

Our sales department team consists of our Chief Sales Officer and a group of Sales Directors who bring their unique ability to understand the core values of ACI as it relates to our broad client base. As the main contact with our clients, our Sales Directors are the “face of American Christmas”. In my position as one of four Sales Assistants, we support the sales department team and all of ACI. The Sales Assistants are tasked with all of the back end functions that insure the sales process operates efficiently.

In the beginning of the year, the Sales Directors reach out to prospective clients to set a meeting while the Sales Assistants provide support by preparing all of the material necessary that helps tell the American Christmas story. At the meeting, the Sales Director will introduce the client to ACI, our capabilities and services. The Sales Director will then prepare a scope of work based on the client space and the client needs. The Sales Assistants take all of this information and prepare a bound written proposal. Every Monday morning the entire sales team meets to strategize and establish both long and short term goals.


As the summer comes to an end and Labor Day is approaching, there is a sense of urgency and priority in everything we do. Beginning with the month of September, the office and warehouse become very hectic. The Sales Directors look to confirm jobs before the installation calendar is created, to ensure our clients have their décor up in time for the holidays. Apart from the rush of proposals, the Sales Assistants are involved with answering the phones, interacting with clients to help prepare for our installation arrival and assist visitors coming to the office for meetings.

During the season, we all make every effort to be on top of our game, whether it is out on location or in the office. The sales team works together from start to finish on all projects to “make the magic” happen.