‘Tis our Season

January is the beginning of the New Year. For us it’s the end of our arduous season. This is when all of the projects are removed and stored for next year. It’s a time for all of us to reflect on what we accomplished throughout the year. My name is Andrew Rabinowitz and I am a Sales Director at American Christmas.

This is a new design for 2015 created by our talented team at American Christmas. A project like this takes months to create, from the initial meeting with the property management to the installation date and then to the takedown after New Year’s. It took 24 people 10 hours to install in November and yet, comes down in a few hours with half the amount of people.

Important to any business is customer appreciation and American Christmas takes this very seriously. We consider our clients our partners. In early December the sales team and company executives get together to sign and send Holiday cards. We sit around our large conference table and pass the cards to each other as we listen to Holiday music. When I sign my name, at least 800 times, I think of how important every client and vendor is to our company.

Here’s a peek into our 28th annual holiday party. As has been a tradition of ours, Fred Schwam, our CEO acknowledges employees who have been with the company for 10 or more years. This year we have a large group of people who fit the criteria. Representing all the departments of American Christmas are the people seen in this photo.

Added to the festivities this year was a special award, dedicated to Fred’s father, Marvin Schwam. Marvin founded this company in 1968 and is remembered as an extremely creative person with extraordinary entrepreneurial skills. A committee made up of the American Christmas executives awarded Oleksandr Diuriagin this prestigious and generous award. Oleksandr received this award for his hard work and relentless dedication to American Christmas

Another key component is weather. Weather can play havoc with our schedules. This year so far the weather has been kind to us. Here’s the forecast from December 11th 2015, one of the last days of our installation season.

From time to time we have had team building activities. At the conclusion of the installation season we all thought we were going to have a team building exercise, but to our pleasant surprise, Fred provided us with a much needed relaxation session (foot massages) instead. Thank you, Fred, from the bottom of our feet.