'Tis The Season! (Almost)

Hello, my name is Adrian Cruzado. I am a full time employee at American Christmas. I work in the housekeeping department.


These photos show some of our trucks, affectionately called the “Santa trucks”. These vehicles are spotted regularly throughout the East Coast bringing materials to our various installations. They are parked in our warehouse temporarily while the parking lot is being resurfaced.


The parking area at American Christmas is quiet for now as lines are repainted. When the season is in full swing though, the lot resembles a shopping mall parking lot. We see a tremendous amount of traffic as our crews hurry in and out in the 24 hour per day, 7 day per week cycle of Holiday installations.


This is a photo of our Production floor in the early spring. It is filled with a continuous rotation of exquisite and unique trees, wreaths, garlands and props for our esteemed clients.


This is our tool room where Brian is pictured writing a supply order. This is not the most glamorous view of our operation, but it is vital to our business. We analyze each detail down to the very last bolt as we build each custom installation.

American Christmas is a fun, busy, fast paced, glamorous, meticulous business. As we work today, we are looking forward with excitement towards the day that we will be creating Holiday Magic!