True Stories from an AC Supervisor in NYC

As one of many installation supervisors for American Christmas, I am constantly running around the boroughs of New York (and beyond) doing what we do best: bringing joy, wonder, and awe to all during the holiday season. We pride our install operations to be done quickly, efficiently, and leaving without a trace (except for the décor, of course!) That’s why I was so surprised to have been approached by an individual who recognized me from prior jobs past! My name is Frank Tobitsch, and I am a Design Manager at American Christmas.

Walking into a lobby in Manhattan, I held a door open for a woman entering the building. As she walked by, she nodded in thanks, but suddenly had a double-take look at me. She stopped and glanced inside; my crew was hanging wreaths and decorating trees. She slowly grinned and asked if I was part of the décor team, I proudly said yes. She confessed and told me she recognized me supervising a different job on a different day prior. I couldn’t believe it!

She asked me if I do this every day. I told her yes, but I am not the only one. There are another twenty hard-working supervisors on site, each with their own trained crews varying in size. In addition, there is an entire production team preparing the next day’s jobs to make sure everything goes according to plan. On top of that, there is a group of individuals in the office communicating with everyone— supervisors, the production team, and crews— to provide full understanding, support, and collaboration throughout the day.

The woman was taken back, jaw-dropped, mind-blown, amazed, and bedazzled. She was so impressed by the levels of teamwork it takes to put up the holiday decorations in her lobby!

This encounter demonstrates the core goal of our holiday operations: to stimulate an emotional reaction. It is these kinds of reactions that personally push me through an install season. We only get these reactions because of the commitment and dedicated efforts our entire team puts forth. If we even get one person to look at our work and smile, we know we are doing a good job. After all, ‘tis the season to spread joy and cheer!

The woman walked away with one final remark,

“I’ll never look at this tree the same way again.”