Winter Wonderland

Welcome to the Workshop! Where the angels rest and the panthers lie and a train whistles smartly. Stars do gleam here! Cadets stand poised at attention. A crystal tree shimmers in the midst of the hustling workers; carolers keep watch, and more than one bear patiently awaits his turn at the stage.

There are 16’ candy canes and 4’ toy boxes! There are 30’ trees decorated in their finest attire that change their coats of color. There are frosted trees, toy soldiers, and even 6’ gold and glittered pine cones! Decorations of every size, shape and color!

Christmas for Radio City Music Hall, Bergdorf Goodman, Cartier, Bloomingdale’s, Saks, Rockefeller Center and so many hotels, retail stores, restaurants, offices, malls and shopping centers. Any time after November 1st we will be popping up all over NYC and the globe!

My name is Kim Meyerer and I am one of two Production Directors at American Christmas. It is our job to ensure that the many thousands of decorations you see get produced right here in Mt. Vernon, NY. We run a little bit ahead of Santa’s schedule. We begin producing Christmas in February of each year to ensure there is enough time for all of you to enjoy the festivities out in the world as you shop, dine, walk and work with your friends and families!

I have to tell you, this is a very exciting place to be! If you walk the avenue of aisles, you not only walk the Manhattan landscape of the grandest hotels and finest lobbies, but you also travel to Switzerland, Dubai, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, and Washington DC to name just a few exciting locations where our decorations go.

The most incredible thing that I am lucky enough to enjoy are the hundreds of people I meet every year. Talents and skill sets from every industry, from sourcing raw materials across the world, to being able to sew Bows bigger than me! People from as far away as Uzbekistan and Africa and as close as Brooklyn, NY come to work with us; sharing their unique perspectives and incredible enthusiasm to set the stage for Christmas!


Working in production is lively and ever changing. Jobs come down the creative pipeline into our studios at lightning speed sometimes. Crews huddle together like a football team, strategizing how the next sequence will play out, determining their roles, anticipating the challenges, and getting right back into the game, lending to unbelievable results! It is truly a fantastic opportunity to be part of such a smart and creative team that has deliberately honed their skills, practiced their execution and remain consistently prepared for the next play.

Some days, walking the floor at 4am, before the lights turn on and the American Christmas day explodes into action, I see, like a movie reel on fast forward, all the people … past and present that I have had the opportunity to work with, laugh next to and share this truly magical experience with.

It is in these moments that I am also quietly reminded of the entire city, of all its people from all over the world with their cameras, and loved ones, waiting, watching, the turn, as if overnight, into a Christmas wonderland.

Wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season!