Your Personal Life is Now on Hold

Welcome to American Christmas.

When you come to work for us, you are making a very important life decision. You are making the choice to put your personal life on hold for several months out of each year in order to create something bigger than yourself.

When our installation season begins, Christmas will be the center of your life. It is a sacrifice that goes beyond committing to a job and getting your work done. We work to accomplish something extremely rewarding and very magical. We work to decorate some of the most noteworthy locations in the world and doing this requires a monumental effort. We painstakingly plan our movements and bring in an onslaught of professionals and equipment to rapidly transform a building lobby, store, or hotel. Each site where we work requires full and absolute attention and focus. We pour our hearts into location after location, day and night, for many weeks. This leads to an extreme sacrifice of ourselves, our personal time and our relationships. During our installation season we don’t spend time with our friends, or even our families; we don’t take time to go to the gym. “We make the Magic”, but it is not easy.

As I enter into the holiday installation season there are a couple of large sacrifices that I make as Chief Production Officer here. Primarily, the time that I spend with my family is limited. For my young children there is an understanding in knowing that “I work for Santa Claus”. This helps them to appreciate the nobility of my efforts, knowing that I am helping Santa to make New York City beautiful. Another challenge as our lives become devoted to Christmas is the lack of sleep. I have learned to get by on much less sleep for our busiest months. I do this not because I am told to but because I am part of something special. I understand that my energy and attention is needed and that overrides all else.

Working for American Christmas is subjecting oneself to a truly extraordinary challenge. There is something supremely rewarding about devoting ourselves fully to a project. We invest our hearts into working with a focused, dedicated, and talented team to accomplish something truly great. This leads to a deep satisfaction. Our work is so immense in its scope that pulling it off truly does feel like Magic. When we work through grit and strain, through exhaustion and sacrifice to create something like the décor at Bergdorf Goodman, we understand what it means to be part of something bigger than ourselves.


Even better than that, our friends and family understand this too. They may not fully understand why we choose to put so much of our energy and heart into our work, but no one can help but to appreciate the enormity and beauty of what we accomplish. Everyone at American Christmas finishes every installation season with pride and with satisfaction. When the middle of December arrives and our clients are in full beautiful and extravagant glory, we take a marvelous breath. We pause to enjoy the magic that we worked to create. At that moment I realize that my personal life may not have been on hold after all. American Christmas is not something that interrupts my life, but rather it is part of my life. It is a huge part of my life which has helped to shape me, my family, my friends, and the world around me.